Hey youth! Get Rooted!

Apr 20, 2016 by

Canada is a country that boasts natural beauty, friendly communities, and celebrations of multiculturalism and diversity. Yet, the 2011-2012 survey by Statistics Canada (1) raised attention to food security issues on a national scale; 8.3%, or 1 in 12 Canadian households experience food insecurity.   Hunger may be the first thing that comes to mind when food insecurity is named, but the root causes and rippling impacts go far beyond simply “the lack of food”. Researchers found (1) that food insecure individuals are also compromised in physical and mental health, reduced in their ability to perform to full potential at school and work, and possessed greater risks for perceived lack of social support, depression and chronic stress. With 1 in 20 children also experiencing food insecurity (1), this issue is relevant for both current and future generations of Canadians....

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