Stir It Up!

Apr 8, 2016 by

  The Stir It Up! Youth Community Kitchen will be back in session this coming May, at the East Richmond Community Hall and Steveston Community Centre!   Every week, Richmond youth will be creating and sharing delicious, hearty meals together, made from healthy, sustainable and local ingredients. From fresh salads to homemade pasta, curried chicken and rice to banana bread warm out of the oven, participating youth will be gaining food skills as well as learning creative ways to utilize seasonal ingredients.   The goal of this program is to support youth in developing food skills, learning nutritional knowledge, and accessing local resources to improve their individual food security. Being food-secure is not merely having the physical and financial access to food, but also for what is consumed to be nutritious, sustainable, and supportive of a healthy,...

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Seed Library Starts Today

Mar 2, 2016 by

Now in it’s fifth year, the Richmond Community Seed Library continues to grow and engage Richmond residents in growing a robust local food system.   What is a Seed Library?  Just like a book library, members of the seed library can ‘check out’ seeds.  They grow the plants, and let some of them go to seed, which they save and return to the Seed Library for others to borrow in the next growing season.   Seed libraries are one response to increasing community control of our food supply. People have both the right and the responsibility to engage in the source of their food. The local food movement is growing;  more people are choosing to eat locally in order to support their local farmers, keep money in the local economy and have a say...

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