Open TOWN HALL Meeting

Open TOWN HALL Meeting
July 8, 2014 No Comments Richmond Food Security
July 15, 2014 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Richmond Cultural Centre - Performance Hall
7700 Minoru Gate
Richmond, BC V6Y 1R9
Richmond Community Coalition

Why would a food security organization like the Richmond Food Security Society be concerned about whether people are voting in our local elections?

The answer is simple. A great many of the political decisions that affect food security take place on a local level. In Richmond, the city has had to decide on land use issues that will shape the city, like the recent decision about what to do with 55 hectare Garden City Lands.

Vote Meeting

These lands won’t become a housing subdivision or a shopping center like many feared, but will become a major new community park that will include urban agriculture, areas for environmental preservation and interpretation, and sections repurposed for recreational and cultural uses. RFSS is especially pleased that 50 acres of the site will be set aside for urban agriculture and farming uses.

This plan came about after an 18-month consultation process with the public. The city developed the plan to reflect the express interests of the public, and it was approved by local politicians, not by provincial or federal officials. So obviously who we vote for locally matters.

But despite the fact that the decisions of municipal politicians has a direct impact on our lives, only 1 in 4 voters cast a ballot in the 2011 Richmond municipal election.

That is why we urge all Richmond citizens to come to the Town Hall and tell our local representatives what your local priorities are, and how to find ways to encourage more people to become involved in civic politics.

Please come out to Richmond Community Coalition’s first “Town Hall” meeting on July 15th at 7 pm at Richmond Cultural Centre – Performance Hall. This is a non-partisan event, so no matter what your political leaning, all views are encouraged and welcomed.

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