Stir It Up Youth Community Kitchen

Apr 8, 2016 by

May 25, 2017 @ 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Steveston Community Centre
4111 Moncton St
Richmond, BC V7E 3A8

For program details and registration/referral information, see Stir It Up Youth Community Kitchen

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  1. I can already tell that’s gonna be super helfpul.

  2. Learning a ton from these neat arilstec.

  3. Rebecca, you amaze me with the moments you capture, you truly have a gift. I loved seeing your pictures and wish the best for your family. I hope you are getting settled back in at home.

  4. Hope you had another successful week, Whitney. My weekly “weigh day” is Friday and as of last Friday I’ve lost 18.6 lbs in the past 9 weeks. So, I’m still on target for reaching my goal of 140 lbs in 70 weeks. As long as I keep averaging 2 lbs lost per week, then I’ll get there – eventually.

  5. Cool! That’s a clever way of looking at it!

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