Affordable Food in Richmond


Chopping away at hunger


Whether you’re looking to fill your belly, meet some neighbours, or try out new recipes, there are a number of options for low or no cost groceries, community meals, and cooking programs in Richmond.


Here are ways to access affordable food:


Richmond Food Bank Society


  • Provides free basic groceries for anyone in need at 4 locations


Community Meals


  • *We appreciate your patience as we update this section.*
  • Free or low cost community meals are open to people from all walks of life
  • Safe spaces for neighbours to convene and get to know one another


Community Kitchens/Cooking Clubs 


  • *Please be aware that this guide is out of date. We are in the process of updating this guide with an exciting new project. Stay tuned.*
  • Help community members develop their ability to transform groceries into dishes that invigorate both the taste buds and the body