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Food challenge: Eat the right thing in Richmond

Richmond News, August 26 2016


Eat only Richmond-grown food, an event raising awareness for food security

Weixin, August 20 2016


Thief targets social housing gardens

Richmond News, July 16 2015


City council shows its hunger for Richmond Food Charter

Richmond News, July 13 2016


Why Community Gardens and Protecting Agricultural Land are Important

3 minutes, starting at the 9 minute mark

Vancouver Television, April 2016


Richmond conducts intercultural research on food security and immigration

La Source, December 14 2015


Plenty of food for thought after local eating challenge

Richmond News, September 2 2015


Canadian group spend one week on program of eating locally

Xinhua News Agency, August 29 2015


Lulu Island provides food aplenty

Richmond News, August 28 2015


Richmond residents feed appetite for local eats

Vancouver Sun, August 25 2015


Challenge yourself to eat local

Richmond News, August 20 2015


Lasting abundance: One family’s pledge to eat local

Heart on Collective, August 24 2015


Richmond fundraiser encourages people to eat locally

CBC News, August 24, 2015


Hungry for security

Richmond News, August 14 2015


Food security seeds sown in Richmond youth

Richmond News, June 3 2015


Richmond garden plunder: thievery or a language barrier?

CBC, May 17 2014