Richmond Fruit Recovery Program

We coordinate volunteers to collect unused fruit, called a pick, from residential fruit trees and bushes and donate it to the Richmond Food Bank and other community partners.


The fruit gleaning program has been made possible by a grant from the Richmond Community Foundation allowing for supplies such as ladders, a shed and fruit pickers, as well as first aid certifications for our volunteers, allowing us to maintain the highest level of safety during picks.


Through this program, we can supply fresh healthy food to Richmond residents and help reduce food waste. The harvest is split three ways between volunteers, fruit owners, and community partners.


The original Richmond Fruit Recovery Program was started in 2001 by a dedicated group of volunteers. The Richmond Fruit Tree Sharing Project eventually became The Sharing Farm which now grows and donates thousands of pounds of fresh fruit and vegetables each year.



In 2018 & 2019 we collected almost 12,000 lbs of fruit that otherwise might have gone to waste! We want to continue this success into 2020, although it will look different.


COVID & Fruit Gleaning:

There may be challenges with the fruit gleaning program and COVID, but we want to ensure the health of our volunteers and fruit tree owners. We’ll be taking steps to make the picks safer.


This will include:

  • Limiting group sizes (although we are outside, groups will be capped at 10)
  • Sanitizing equipment before and after picks
  • Providing gloves, volunteers are encouraged to bring gardening gloves if they like
  • Provide thorough instructions and safety briefing



Benefits as a fruit gleaner include:

  • Getting outside and exercising
  • Meeting like-minded individuals
  • Seeing new parts of Richmond

And of course, getting some free organic fruit for all your hard work!


If you’d like to volunteer with the Fruit Recovery Program please visit our current volunteer opportunities page for more information.



Benefits as an owner include:

  • Reducing food waste
  • Providing much-needed fruit to those in need
  • Clean and tidy tree
  • Fruit picked for free!


If you are a fruit owner please fill out the form below to have your fruit added to our list of potential picks.


*Please contact us well before your fruit tree is ripe, we schedule picks ahead of time and would like to accommodate as many people as possible. If were are unable to set up a pick for you this year, we will still take your information for the next season.