Important Dates for 2021:

  • May 3rd, gardens must be ready to be planted – areas around the bed and in the bed have been weeded and the soil is ready, the bed does NOT need to be planted
  • May 17th to 21st, the first round of garden reviews
  • August 9th to 13th, the second round of garden reviews
  • November 3rd, Gardens must be cleaned
  • November 2nd to 9th, the third round of garden reviews

 Garden clean-ups for the spring are May 3rd.

Garden clean-ups are due on November 3rd. Our guide to cleaning up is here.

Gardener Handbook

Please refer to our handbook for information about gardening at the Community Gardens including our rules and regulations, important contact numbers, and how to get the best out of your garden.

RFSS Community Gardener Resources:

Please review our resources for current gardeners, especially new gardeners. We outline what is allowed and what is not in the community gardens.

New Gardeners: Read our guide to getting you started gardening in addition to the handbook found here.

Garden Reviews

We have 3 review periods each growing season. To ensure that your plot is ready to go prior to the review period, please find out what we will be looking for.

Spring: 1st Round – May 18th – May 21st
2nd Round – June 7th – June 11th

Summer: 1st Round – August 9th to August 13th
2nd Round – September 6th to September 10th

Autumn: 1st Round – November 2nd to November 9th
2nd Round – November 22nd toN  26th

Find our outline of how to prepare your garden for the winter here.

 You can also check our event calendar for any upcoming Community Garden event here.

Garden Plot Renewals

Current community gardeners who are in good standing (no overdue garden rule violations)  will always have the opportunity to renew the same garden plot for the following season. Garden plot renewals happen during the winter and gardeners must agree to the community garden Rules & Agreement and pay the yearly fee.

For gardeners looking to renew their plot, find out how much your plot is here. Please read the rules and agreement here, and once you accept at the bottom of the page, you will be directed to our login page where you can enter in your information.

Garden plots must be renewed every year in January.

Ready to renew your plot for next season?

Find out how much your plot is here if you’re ready to renew your plot. Then, read the rules and agreement here, and once you accept at the bottom of the page, you will be directed to our login page where you can enter in your information.

Garden Plot Transfers

Current community gardeners can request to transfer to a different plot or garden site. Transfer requests can be made any time of the year and we will try to accommodate requests for the following gardening season. Gardeners on the transfer list are prioritized and will be offered an available plot before it is offered to an individual on the community garden waitlist.

If you are a current gardener and would like to transfer to a different plot, please email the Urban Agriculture Program Coordinator with the following


  • Your name
  • Current garden site and plot number
  • The garden site you would like to transfer to
  • What size of plot you would like


We offer a limited number of subsidies. Subsidies will run for 2 years, and they will take effect starting January 2022. Simply fill out a form requesting an annual subsidized rate of 50%.  There is no need to provide detailed information; we trust that folks will only request a subsidy if they need it.  While attempting to accommodate all subsidy requests, we reserve the right to limit the number of subsidies provided. We want to make it equal to everyone in our communities by giving people the same opportunity to grow healthy and nutritious food. We will assess any requests beyond the 2-year term on a case by case basis, when and if funding is available.

Note: Forms can be filled out electronically from the link on our web, or printed and mailed to our office. We will also have printed copies available in our office, please call before your visit to book an appointment.

We also appreciate donations from other gardeners or the public to help cover these costs