Plot Fees

S Less than 60 ft2 $40/year
M 61 ft2 to 120 ft2 $65/year
L Greater than 121 ft2 $90/year

Subsidies are available for those for whom the plot fee is a barrier to participating. Please see the Signup, Renewals, and Transfer page for information regarding garden plot subsidies, or consider making a donation to keep this valuable program barrier-free.

Community Garden Locations

Brighouse Community Garden (Site Map) S | M | L
6800 Azure Road

Cook Community Garden (Garden Map Coming Soon) L
6660 Eckersley Road

Garratt Community Garden (Site Map) L
7504 Chelsea Place

General Currie Community Garden (Site Map) S
8191 Jones Road

Gilbert Road Community Garden (Site Map) L
13871 Gilbert Road

King George Park Community Garden (Site Map) S | M
12360 Cambie Rd

Paulik Park Community Garden (Site Map) M | L
7551 Ash St

Railway Community Garden (Site Map) S | M | L
12351 Railway Ave

Richmond Secondary Community Garden (Site Map) S
*This garden site is for seniors only
7171 Minoru Blvd

Terra Nova Community Garden (Garden Site Map) L
2631 Westminster Highway

Riverport Community Garden L
Riverport Way

More gardens in the works, please check back soon.