Plot Fees

Small Less than 60 ft2 $40/year
Medium 61 ft2 to 120 ft2 $65/year
Large Greater than 121 ft2 $90/year

NOTE: There is a Payment Processing Fee of 3$ for all credit card payments to cover payment processing costs.

Login & Payment Instructions

  1. Enter your login details from the email you received and then click “Login”.
  2. Choose your garden site location from the list by clicking the arrow (∨).
  3. Choose your garden plot by clicking on your plot number from the scroll bar on the right of the map.
    1. To find your plot, you may need to scroll down (if you are unable to see the scrollbar, hover over the plot numbers on the right and the scroll bar should appear).
    2. When you click on a plot, it will show up below the map where it says “Plot Selected”
    3. If you have selected an incorrect plot, click “Delete” next to the incorrect plot under “Plot Selected”
  4. Click “Checkout” at the bottom of the page after selecting the correct plot.
  5. Double-check that you have selected the correct plot number by confirming that the Order Summary is correct. If the Order Summary is not correct, click “Start Over” on the left menu bar. This will take you back to the page to choose a garden site.
  6. Enter your payment information and click “Pay for Plot”.

If you’re experiencing issues, we have some solutions below:

  1. Payment not being processed? If you have not done so already, confirm that your contact details match your credit card billing address.
  2. Try using a different browser. Chrome if it’s not updated to the latest version, it won’t work. Update Chrome or try a different browser.
  3. If you’re using Safari make sure you have selected “Prevent cross-site tracking.”
    Here are some instructions to disable Prevent Cross-Site Tracking you could include:
    1. On Mac: In the Safari app on your Mac, choose Safari > Preferences, then click Privacy. Here you can disable Prevent Cross-Site Tracking, then try processing the payment again.
    2. On iPhone: Go to Settings, and select Safari, then go to the Privacy and Security section. Here you can disable Prevent Cross-Site Tracking, then try processing the payment again.

If you do not receive a confirmation email then your plot renewal has not been processed. Contact the community garden coordinator if you think you renewed your plot but did not receive a confirmation email.