Community Gardens are wonderful places for city residents to come together in a healthy past-time that is good for them and the planet.  Sadly, theft of produce does happen.

Have you experienced theft from your community garden plot?  Report it here and call the Richmond RCMP at 604-278-1212.

In 2016, we formed a project team to look at what – and if – feasible solutions exist.

We held three public meetings, conducted a survey of our current gardeners, and researched best practices from other gardens.

It is unlikely we will ever be able to stop all theft from community gardens.  Farmers experience theft of produce from their private property, as do homeowners from their private yards.  However we have identified a number of actions for us, gardeners, and the City of Richmond to move forward on.   

Who should gardeners tell if they experience theft?

  1. Richmond RCMP – 604-278-1212.  Theft is a criminal offence, and it will be at their discretion about how to follow up.  They do appreciate reports as it lets them track crime rates in Richmond neighbourhoods.
  2.  Us, using the web form below.  Please use the form below rather than emailing as we do receive a high volume of reports, and this form allows us to easily track this valuable data.  We are not RCMP, so are not able to follow up to specific theft reports.

Frequently Asked Questions