Board of Directors

Among the many volunteers that enable the Richmond Food Security Society to build food security in our city are those who serve as members of our Board of Directors.


The Board of Directors has overall responsibility for the direction and sustainability of the organization. They provide direct support and guidance to the Executive Director and staff through policies in strategic planning, personnel and financial viability. Board members promote and communicate with the broader public and connect new people and ideas to staff. The Board of Directors ensures that our programs and activities have enough resources and are aligned with our mission and values.


Please check our current volunteer opportunities if you are interested in joining the board.  We  are extremely grateful to have a talented and diverse group of volunteer directors sharing their knowledge and skills.

Alex NixonPresident – Alex Nixon


Alex has worked and volunteered with community groups and anti-poverty organizations for over a decade. He has helped charities and NGOs across Canada revolutionize their fundraising and governance. He is the communications and outreach coordinator for the Richmond Food Bank Society.

Yan LauVice President – Yan Lau


Yan is a product manager for an ERP banking software company. He’s a project manager at heart and a true task master in every sense of the word. Yan is also a Chartered Professional Accountant where he’s worked in various strategic roles within several international organizations. Outside of work, Yan has a plethora of hobbies including cycling, running, flying, and eating.

Vivien ChowTreasurer – Vivien Chow


Vivien is a Chartered Professional Accountant, with expertise in budgeting, forecasting, and financial analysis.  For the last 10 years she held financial analyst roles in both the public and private sectors, providing companies with support in financial planning, program reviews, business intelligence and process improvement.  Vivien served as Treasurer from 2011 to 2013 for the Sharing Farm Society, where she was involved with strategic planning and financial statement improvement.

Nikki HollinsonSecretary – Nikki Hollinson


Nikki is a KPU graduate and avid volunteer at RFSS, where her passion for food systems and social justice took root.  She plans to pursue a Masters Degree in community and regional planning at UBC to better prepare her to be actively involved in policy change.

Henry YaoDirector – Henry Yao


Henry Yao is a passionate Richmond community advocate, who is extensively involved in both local non-profit groups and political scene. Henry graduated from UBC with a degree in psychology and spent most of his working career serving youth in our community. He champions causes fighting for the future generation’s prosperity and security. Climate change is the biggest challenge to modern society, and food and water security will be the greatest threat to the community. Henry is deeply disturbed by the lack of awareness and will to fight for the community’s food and water security. This is why Henry is honored and excited to be one of many dedicated board members serving at Richmond Food Security Society.

Brian ToDirector – Brian To


Brian is a Chartered Professional Accountant and has professional financial experience in the non-profit, government and small private business sector. His focus is on identifying inefficiency, streamlining operations and optimizing cash flow. He currently works as a financial controller in the private sector and is pursuing his MBA at Queens. He is also passionate about helping others and everything about FOOD!

Gerry MulhollandDirector – Gerry Mulholland


Gerry holds a Diploma in Urban Land Economics and works as a consultant based out of Richmond. His primary role is to work with clients to understand how economics relates to land use, development, and planning. Growing up, his father instilled in Gerry an appreciation for agriculture with a hobby farm in Langley that had chickens, cows, and horses, along with a large vegetable garden. He and his wife maintain a backyard vegetable garden at their house in Steveston.

Keefer PelechDirector – Keefer Pelech


Keefer was born and raised in Richmond with a love for home-grown produce.  After completing a degree in cultural anthropology, he is interested in connecting with and growing the local sustainable food community.  

Tina KimDirector – Tina Kim


Tina is a manager in the financial advisory group at a publicly traded oil and gas transportation company. Prior to that, she had worked in the business valuation and assurance fields at Deloitte LLP. Tina holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree at the University of British Columbia. She is also a Chartered Accountant and a Chartered Business Valuator.

William TsuiDirector – William Tsui


William is a Co-Founder and COO of xPressTap, a mobile payments company. He is responsible for the original product and business development in Canada, before bringing the technology to Silicon Valley. An all around hands-on operator, he manages an effective team to development, legal, security, marketing, and fundraising. He is passionate about environmental sustainability, health and food security. In his spare time, you can find William tinkering at his hobby aquaponics grow beds growing organic greens. Find William on LinkedIn