Richmond Eats: The Local Eating Challenge

A delicious Richmond Eats meal: beef, corn, and potatoes from W&A Farms and cranberry wine from Canada Berries.

Help us raise awareness and support food security in our community with the annual Richmond Eats Local Eating Challenge


Details for 2018 coming soon!



How the Challenge Works


Supporters of local food and food security in Richmond sign up as ‘Foodies’ and commit to fundraising and eating only* Richmond-grown foods for one week.  Foodies can create a profile and will have a unique link for their sponsors.


Then the FUNdraising begins!  Foodies reach out to their family, friends, and networks and request donations towards their efforts in taking the challenge. 


Foodies will receive recipe ideas, tips, and support, including the Richmond Eats Local Eating Guide containing a map to Richmond farms.



Why take the Local Eating Challenge?


Eating local is about bringing communities closer to the roots of our food production systems, nourishing not only the belly, but also our relationships with one another and the land that sustains us.  All funds raised go directly to inspiring a robust Richmond food system through education, advocacy, and community building initiatives.



Why eat local?


“Eating locally isn’t just a fad like the various diets advertised on late-night TV—it may be one of the most important ways we save ourselves and the planet.”

-Dr. David Suzuki


Local food:  


  • Sustains. Buying local sustains both local livelihoods and our environment. It helps small family farms stay on the land, and reduces supply chain carbon emissions.
  • Delights. Local produce is packed with nutrition and flavour due to freshness and optimum ripeness. Keep an eye out for seasonal surprises to expand your palate.
  • Connects. Farmer’s markets are a fruitful forum for cultivating connections between neighbours, farmers, the land, and seasons.
  • Empowers. Community members have the opportunity to influence how our food is produced and distributed.


*Each Foodie is allowed three exceptions to allow for dietary needs or to facilitate cooking (e.g. cooking oil, salt, and/or a grain). We will also encourage participants who don’t live in Richmond to eat from their own gardens. Please check with your doctor in advance if you have any health concerns.