Seedy Saturday

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Seedy Saturday is an annual celebration of local seeds and food, gardening, and education that supports a healthy, strong community.  Richmond’s 10th annual Seedy Saturday will take place on Saturday, March 2nd, 2019. It will be held at Thompson Community Centre, 5151 Granville Avenue, V7C 1E6.


Stay connected by liking us on Facebook or following us on Instagram or Twitter to find out more about the location, vendors, and workshops. If you have interest in joining Seedy Saturday as a presenter or vendor please contact us.



Local seeds are important to robust food systems because they are adapted, and continue to adapt, to our unique environment and taste preferences, leaving a rich legacy of geography and culture. Unfortunately, many of these diverse local varieties have been replaced by uniform hybrid and patented seeds produced by commercial companies. Growing and saving local seeds is an important way of preserving the local culinary heritage embedded in the genetic material of these seeds, and of increasing crop resilience by maintaining genetic diversity.



At the heart of Seedy Saturday is the seed exchange table: a place for local seed-savers to bring locally-grown, open-pollinated seeds, and the stories that come with them, to trade with other community members. To participate in the seed exchange please note the following criteria:

  • Seeds must be open-pollinated
  • Seeds should be packaged and labelled with:
    • Type of seed
    • Year saved
    • As much information about the variety as possible
    • Number of seeds in the package (optional)


Part of our seed swap table is our seedling swap. This is where gardeners can swap seedlings with other gardeners. It is a great way to grow crops that you might not want to start from seed or forgot to start early enough in the season.



At Seedy Saturday, we will build momentum for the self-sustaining cycle of growing from seeds by sharing the resources and skills necessary for embarking on your seed-saving journey – one that may continue for generations to come.